PLC Control Panels

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control panels play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of a PLC control system.

PLC Control Panel Manufacturers


PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control panels play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of a plc control system. The design of these control panels is a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of the industrial process being controlled and the requirements of the plc control system.


PLC Control Panel Design


Manufacturers, such as SM Control, offer comprehensive services for the design and production of plc control panels. The design process begins with the identification of the specific requirements of the industrial process from a clients URS, FDS or a general specification, which will determine the type of plc hardware and software needed. The control panel design process also involves the selection of components such as the PLC controller, input/output (I/O) modules, power supplies, and any other necessary components.

One of the key benefits of working with SM Control for plc control panel design is their focus on the most cost effective plc controllers and associated HMI unit. SM Control understands the importance of cost-effectiveness in industrial settings and offers plc controllers that are affordable without sacrificing quality and reliability.

In addition to cost-effectiveness, SM Control also places a strong emphasis on safety in the design of their plc control panels. The panels are designed to meet all relevant safety standards, including electrical safety, machinery safety, and personnel safety, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. The following standards are applied to ensure safety of the complete PLC control system.

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • CE Marking 93/68/EEC 93/465/EEC
  • UKCA Marking for products supplied in the UK
  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC
  • EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

Control panels are built in accordance with IEC 61439-2:2011 and ISO 9001:2008 standards. The panels can be floor standing, wall mounted, supplied as individual standalone units or as part of an external housing such as a GRP kiosk. Control panels are usually front access with top and/or bottom cable entry, however each system is designed in accordance with individual customer requirements/project specifications and any variation can be accommodated.

SM Control also offers complete turnkey services, which is another key benefit of working with them for PLC control panel design. This includes the design, installation, and testing of the plc control panel. This helps to ensure that the control panel is fully integrated into the industrial process and functions correctly from the start.

In conclusion, SM Control should be considered for PLC control panel design and build due to their focus on cost effective plc controllers, their commitment to safety, and their comprehensive on site services. By working with experienced manufacturers such as SM Control, industrial facilities can ensure that their PLC control panels are designed and built to meet their specific needs and requirements.