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SM Control Engineering Ltd  provides Control Panels services Including

Control Panel Manufacturers services

Control Panel Manufacturers:

At SM Controls we pride ourselves in providing reliable and high quality construction of Control Panels to our design or the customer’s specification, using the latest in control equipment.

Automation and Control Systems:

With a broad range of automation and control experience, we aim to bring exactly the right configuration to provide an intuitive, safety-conscious and efficient control solution to our customers.

Machine Safety System:

As designers and manufacturers of automated systems, we carry out thorough investigations of hazards and risks to safeguard operators from potential harm and minimuze costly downtime due to accidents or injury.  We select suitable safety equipment based upon our assessment and the Customer’s risk assessment.

Electrical Installation:

SM Controls are capable of carrying out the electrical installation required for each project – including power distribution, communication, emergency and/or safety circuits – as well as cable containment and routing, glanding and identification.

PLC systems

‘PLC’ is a term that covers a wide array of control systems – from programmable relays and ‘block’ processors with limited functionality, through to highly complex multifunction processors with network capability and communications.  Whether through a dedicated controller or industrial PC, our PLC systems maximize productivity in a wide range of automation applications and processes.

Process control panels

Process control panels equipment can be installed in any location, Indoors, Outdoors, Corrosive Area, Hazardous Area, etc. So many factors can go into designing a process equipment control panel.  Our engineers will analyze the requirements and location to select the most appropriate equipment for each project.