Industrial Automation and Control Systems


SM-Control Systems supply and integrate all of the services and products required for a complete ICA project. This would generally include all the necessary electrical and ICA elements, i.e overall project management; electrical engineering and design; functional specification and software design (PC, PLC systems, HMI systems and SCADA systems etc); CAD draughting; design and supply all control panels, in-house testing and simulation; commissioning; and support services such as training, documentation packages and on-going support.

Britvic Soft Drinks SCADA Systems

Software engineering for design, coding, testing and simulation of software packages relating to PCs, PLC’s, Telemetry, SCADA, HMI’s and networked systems. All of the current leading PLC systems and SCADA systems products are supported, e.g.

  • Siemens
  • Rockwell
  • Omron
  • Mitsubishi
  • Schneider
  • Other SCADA Systems: Intellution, In-Touch and Genesis


SM Control consists of a small diverse-skilled team of industrial automation control specialists with an enthusiasm for Machine Control Systems. We work throughout the UK and abroad, carrying out the programming of PLC and HMI systems, and the design and construction of PLC Control Panels.



An automation and control systems expert with all the facts at his fingertips can make the right decisions faster and with more accuracy.  A SCADA system can gather display all of the critical information for machines or processes, from even remote or otherwise inaccessible areas, and allow an administrator to adjust or control equipment remotely.  A SCADA system is typically software installed on a PC connected to the PLC network, and can gather information from multiple PLCs into a single unified control system and present it via a graphical interface.  SCADA systems are also used to log and store process data over long periods for analysis.



A HMI system is a local machine control system, similar to a SCADA system but typically dedicated to a single machine or process group.  A HMI is usually mounted on the machine or control panel, and can be a simple text-line system right up to a high-end graphical interface.

SCADA systems and HMI systems have become an integral part of most machine control systems and an essential interface for the process control.  HMI systems have all but replaced conventional pilot device controls, switches and indicators.



‘Automation and control systems’ covers a broad array of situations, from semi-automatic operated machinery, through to fully automatic process plants or manufacturing facilities.  Our automatioHMI Systems Network Rail Case Studyn control panel manufacturers will tailor a control system to the Customer’s exact requirements.

The scope of work may conclude at the test/simulation phase, or our expert machine control panel designers may follow on with training, commissioning and stand-by, all according to a particular client’s needs.





SM Control can also carry out Electrical and Instrumentation engineering, which covers the engineering and building of automation controls for process plants and materials handling systems etc, including the specification and procurement of field devices in addition to the machine control panel requirements.