Machine Safety System

Control Panel Engineering


SM Control can manufacture electrical control panels including cable glanding, terminals & control wiring. Control panels can be designed utilizing CAD frameworks and manufactured in painted mild steel, stainless steel or GRP / resin, depending on the installation area and the particular necessities of the client.  The design would include a selection of enclosure and door-mounted equipment, segregation of power and control voltages, selection of control hardware and overall layout.  We have a committed group of skilled control panel engineers.

Control Panels often include machine safety systems to protect operators and machines from potential damage and costly downtime.  Our electrical engineers compare the potential risks against the need for access, and formulate a design for guarding, safety circuits and access protection to suit the application and to satisfy the Customer’s requirements, and as required by European Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC

Control panels also often include PLC / HMI systems, which offer a high degree of flexibility towards safety and security.  Manufacturers also produce ‘Safe PLCs’ for more complex safety functions that meet the high standards required of safety equipment.  Our Engineers are experienced in the programming of Safety PLCs and the design of machine safety solutions.


Machine Safety Products

SM Control provide machine safety assessment and, within their control panels, the necessary safety precautions and equipment to maintain the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Performance Level (PL) required by the application when acting in conjunction with the fixed, removeable and/or electronic guards of the automated machinery.


Recent Project – Coca-Cola

  • Machine Safety System
  • Commissioning of light guards for palletiser and depalletiser.
  • The security framework contained Castell Locks and Erwin Sick Light Guards. Castell Locks:
    • Castell locks were settled to guarding entry gates, 15-off Castell locks sort AIS with 2 N/C and 1 N/O contact, manufactured from Stainless Steel complete with Stainless Steel square keys.
    • Stainless Steel terminal boxes were settled, local to each entry gate.
    • Cabling was introduced and tried for each Castell bolt to-terminal box associations, end 2 N/C and 1 N/O contact to terminals complete with unique numbering system.


Erwin Sick Light Guards:

  • 4-off Erwin Sick Light Guards type C4000, 3-beam with crossover facility (M40S & M40E) complete with mountings and necessary fittings.
  • 5-off Erwin Sick light guards for pallet infeed & release zone (without crossover facility) complete with induction loop sensing and monitoring facility.
  • Carry out installation of induction loops into the floor for each of the five zones.
  • 1-off Erwin Sick Light Guard for de-strapping zone (without crossover facility).
  • Supply and introduce cabling for every light guard to nearby intersection box. Terminate light guard circuits into intersection box finish with interesting numbering framework.