Case Study

Hager & Elsasser GMBH

Hager and Elsasser GMBH Case Study

The complete electrical and ICA content of a large Ultra Pure and Waste Water Process Plant for a Semi-Conductor Production Facility.

We were responsible for the whole of the electrical and software content including: project management; design, manufacture, testing & on-site commissioning of a number of MCCs, S7-300 PLC panels, remote I/O stations and Intouch SCADA stations; the production of a Functional Design Specification; the design, coding, testing and simulation of the PLC, HMI and SCADA software; the design, sub-contract and management of an electrical cabling installation; and the overall integration and commissioning of the complete system.

Training was provided for Technical and Operator personnel based on shift arrangements. The motor control centres were fully ‘type tested’ form four boards to BS60439 with 1600 amp incomers (main and standby) including DOL, Softstart, VSD and control and distribution sections.

The fully automated control system for each process plant was based upon two SCADA systems using ‘Intouch’ graphics, one located in a local control room and the other in a central control room; one main PLC panel with hot standby; and six remote I/O stations (including an OP15 work station) to cover in excess of one thousand I/O. The project included the supply of the following comprehensive documentation package: Functional Design Specification; Schematic Diagrams; Layouts; Electrical Installation Specification; Cable Schedules; Flow Diagrams; and Software Listings.

Cost of Completion

£1.25 million