Case Study

Chem Polymer

plc systems Chem Polymer Case Study

Client Profile

Chem Polymer is an engineering thermoplastics compounder which produces reinforced, filled and specially modified compounds of nylon 6 and 66, acetal, PBT and PET for automotive, appliance, electrical, electronic and other applications.

Project Detail

A large project that encompassed many different core company competences. The client closed a manufacturing site in Cinderford and needed to electrically disconnect three extruder systems, transport them to their Birmingham premises and reinstate with extra modifications, all within a few months, we were responsible for all of the project management, system disconnection and re-connection, new electrical power systems installed at Birmingham and all of the civil works required for the project, we were also responsible for:

  • The removal and set-down of industrial machines
  • Design and installation of new 2MVA transformer supply
  • Civils, design works for silos, transformers and machinery
  • Electrical Installation
  • Commissioning (including product trials)
  • Site management
  • Supply of documentation including NICEIC certificates etc