Case Study

Buck Systems

hmi systemsBuck Systems Case Study

Client Profile

Buck Systems, a division of GEA Process Engineering (NPS) Ltd, was founded in 1990 as Gallay Systems Ltd. The Birmingham-based company was initially established to meet the specific needs of the Pharmaceutical market.

Project Detail

This was mainly a software engineering solution for a bespoke pharmaceutical container washing station. Large stainless product bins needed to be washed and dried in a sophisticated environmentally controlled washing booth. R+R designed and implemented the software to control the washing station including SCADA interfaces. All software was designed to work with a proprietary recipe handling software package designed in Holland. The system was completed for end users in Korea. R+R was responsible for:

  • The preparation of a functional design specification
  • Design of control and diagnostic software
  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Commissioning (including product trials)
  • Training
  • Supply of a comprehensive documentation package

Cost of Completion